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Obtain Social Security income

Is your health preventing you from working?

Whether you were seriously injured as the result of an accident, a disability, a fire, or other calamity and you are unable to work, contact Bleakley Law Offices, P.C. to see if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.


Even if your claim has been denied, you may be entitled to Insurance or Suplemental Security Income  benefits — call now for a FREE consultation.

 • Your Social Security card

 • Your original birth certificate or original baptismal certificate

 • Your driver's license or a passport for identification purposes

 • The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all your doctors and other health care providers

 • Your dates of admission for any hospitalizations or surgeries

What you need to file for SSD:

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"This is a long overdue letter of appreciation for everything you’ve done for me concerning my Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability Claims. You went above and beyond my expectations. I have never been one to say good things about lawyers but I have only had positive things to say about you. You have restored my faith in your profession. Thanks to everyone in your office. They’ve all been courteous, helpful, and respectful. I have and will recommend you for all of your services. You are the Best! If there is ever anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks Again!"


James O. Olson